What GrowthRings™ IS

scriptural: how God designed faith to reproduce; Biblical fruit

generational: self-sustainable; renewable

familial: based in the home; becomes part of lifestyle

What GrowthRings™ Is NOT

one person’s idea: product; program; personality

a faith band-aid: short-sighted; something to draw families

church-based: programmatic; Sunday/Wednesday

intentional: solid; formational

trendy: latest & greatest; “cool” church

experiential: engaging & interactive; life-giving; inclusive

traditional: student/teacher classroom; less inclusive

adaptable: unites denomination & size differences

church-specific: leads to competition

conceptual: driven by a big vision & 20 fruits

piecemeal: independent themes/units constantly changing

relational: based on people; sharing experiences

flexible: multiple approaches; overlap between ages

resourceful: simple, inexpensive materials

paper/online-based: lessons; format

narrow: direct, leveled instruction

budget-draining: cost prohibitive

communal: leadership is shared with parents & community

volunteer-laden: leaders never have enough help

countercultural: “new”; grassroots change; not Orange or D6 or...

an easy sell: change is hard; fear; leadership must embrace